Substation Products


High Voltage

Circuit Breakers
Circuit Switchers
Disconnect Switches
Gas Insulated Substations

Medium Voltage

Circuit Breakers
Arc Resistant Metal-Clad Gear

Low Voltage

AC/DC Panels

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

High Voltage

Capacitor Banks
Static Var Compensators

Medium Voltage

Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks
Static Var Compensators

Reactors (Inductors)

High Voltage

Current Limiting (Oil, Air-Core)

Medium Voltage

Current Limiting (Air-Core)

Power Transformers

Large Power
Medium Power
Generator Step Up Transformers

Instrument Transformers

VT (Oil, Optical)
CT (Oil, Optical)
CT/VT Combo (Oil, SF6)

Mobilized & Turnkey Substations

EPC Projects
Mobile Substations
Mobile Transformers
Mobile Circuit Breakers
Mobile Reactors
Unitized Substations
Prefabricated Steel and Substations

Substation Protection & Control

Auxiliary Relays
Protective Relays
Generator Relays
Recloser Controls
Distributed Fault Recorders
GPS Satellite Clocks
Test Switches


Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
SCADA Meters
Master Stations
Communication Processors
SCADA and Metering Enclosures
Complete SCADA Systems

Substation Test & Diagnostic Equipment


Transformer Testing
Circuit Breaker Testing
Instrument Transformer Testing
Power Factor
Total Combustible Gas Meter (TCG)


Relay Testing
Recloser Control Testing
Meter Testing
Timing Signal (IRIG-B)

Substation Connectors

Bolted Connectors
Welded Connectors
Compression Connectors
Bronze Connectors
Bus Supports
Conductor Spacers
Grounding Clamps

Metering Products


Revenue Meters
Power Quality Meters
SCADA Meters

Instrument Transformers

600V CT
600V VT
VT Packs

Meter Cabinets, Mounts & Accessories

Instrument Transformer Racks
Meter Test Switches
Meter Sockets
Meter Socket Adapters

Meter Test Equipment

Laboratory Standards
Bench Testing
Single & 3 Phase Portable Meter Testing

Meter Security Devices

Locking Devices
Barrel Locks

Meter Relays

Pulse Isolation Relays
Service Monitors

Meter Software Solutions

Revenue Software
Meter Analytics Software
Meter Inventory Software

Transmission Products

Transmission Hardware

Transmission Assemblies
Compression Dead Ends
Hi-Temp Conductor Hardware
Suspension / AGS clamps,
Transmission Connectors
Yoke Plates
Armor Rod
Counter Weights
Spacer Dampers
Stockbridge Dampers
OPGW Accessories
Shield Wire Accessories
Grounding Clamps