American Superconductor Corporation: Ayer, MA

Distributed Generation Solutions, Power Quality Solutions, Reactive Power Solutions, Superconductor Cable Systems

Arbiter Systems, Inc: Paso Robles, CA

Precise-Time and Metrology GPS Clocks, Power System Analyzer and Total Combustible Gas Meter

Beta Engineering: Pineville, LA

Engineering, procurement and construction firm focused on high voltage substation and transmission line projects

Bitronics LLC: Bethlehem, PA

Digital Switchboard Instruments and Power Measurement Equipment

The Durham Company: Lebanon, MO

Meter Socket, Enclosures, Test Switches and Accessories, Pad Mount Primary Metering Cabinets, Pad Mount Sectionalizing Cabinets, Metering Racks and Connectors

Elgin Power Solutions: Beckley, WV

Mobile and Skid Mounted Substations (Transformer, Circuit Breaker and Capacitor Bank), Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks, Reactors (480v – 46kV), Harmonic Filers, Metal Enclosed Transformers, Modular Substations

G.E.C Durham Industries, Inc: New Bedford, MA

600v Instrument Transformers for Revenue Metering Applications

GE Grid Solutions: Philadelphia, PA

High Voltage Substation Equipment, Dead Tank Circuit Breakers up to 550kV, Live Tank Circuit Breakers up to 800kV, Circuit Switchers, Instrument Transformers (Oil, SF6, Optical) up to 800kV, Transformers, Oil Filled Reactors, Air Core Reactors, Line Traps, Disconnect Switches, Maintenance and Repair Services, Protection & Control, Recloser Controls

Inner-Tite Corp.: Holden, MA

Electric Meter Locking and Security Devices, Meter Seals (Twist-Tite, Kingseal and Clearseal), Tamper-Resistant and Tamper-Evident Meter Seals, Replacement Sealing Tabs

IS5 Communications: Mississauga, ON

Ethernet Switches, Unmanaged Switches, Secure Gateways, PoE, Hardened Computers, as well as Network design, planning and consulting services

Marwell Corp.: Mentone, CA

UL Listed – Meter Socket Adapters

Myers Power Products, Inc: North Canton, OH

FVR family of Outdoor Substation Medium Voltage 15kV – 38kV Circuit Breakers

NovaTech LLC: Lenexa, KS

Orion Family of Remote Terminal Units (RTU), I/O, Scada and Distribution Automation Systems

OMICRON Electronics Corp: Houston, TX

Electric Utility Test Equipment: Primary Test Sets including Power Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Current Transformer (Relay and Metering), Voltage Transformer, Impedance Measurement (Transmission Line and Grounding). Secondary Test Sets including Relay, Recloser Control and Metering


Primax Power: Pointe-Claire, QC

Complete AC & DC Back Up Systems including: SCR Battery Chargers and High Frequency Modular Charger Modules

Primestone Software: Alpharetta, GA

Meter data collection and processing software capable of interrogating multi-vendor and multi-network platforms, formula driven decision processing, meter data analytics, graphing and reporting.

Radian/ WECO Research, Inc: Lafayette, IN

Power and Energy Measurement Specialists; Field and Bench Meter Test Boards, Radian Reference Standards, CT/ PT Meter Field Testers, Automated Laboratory Energy Reference Standards, Meter Inventory Software Solutions

Schneider Electric: Nashville, TN

ION Meters, Metal Clad Arc Resistant MV Switchgear, Shielded Solid Insulation Switchgear (2SIS), GIS Switchgear, Custom Design MV Switchgear, Switchgear Services, MV Circuit Breakers, MV Controls, Protection and Control

Solid State Instruments: Loveland, CO

Pulse Isolation Relays, Wireless Pulse Links, Totalizer and Tone Products

SUSI Adapters: Norcross, GA

Meter Socket and Panel Adapter Products, Portable Load Boxes, RS232/RS485 Comm. Boards

TSTM Incorporated

TSTM Incorporated: Sioux Falls, SD

480V VT Packs and Pucks